Here’s Why Mastering Social Media Is a Must for Freelancers

The truth is, social media is not only important for freelancers; it has also become essential for all business owners. Whether you are a freelancer or a small business owner, social media should become your new best friend if you aim for success. In today’s digital-dependent world, social media has transformed how businesses run and advertise completely. While it might seem like all people talk about is the dangers of social media, no one can deny social media’s weight in helping freelancers. 

In the past, entrepreneurs who dreamed of building their business struggled massively to advertise their talents, skills, and what they had to offer to the market. Thanks to social media that has changed the game entirely, freelancers, nowadays, have the power to make their dreams come true. To understand more about the wonders social media can do for your freelancing business, scroll down for further elaboration.

Talent Demonstration

Not too long ago, all freelancers had to do was to perfect their online pages on freelancing portals, such as oDesk and eLance or other established content websites. Nowadays, the competition is hotter than ever. According to recent stats, millennials are the largest age group in our era. This is the generation that is almost totally attached to their cellphones. Freelancers who ignore these facts and the gravity of social media will find themselves in a tough pickle to find work, and to prove themselves. However, the blessing in disguise is that freelancers can now create a public page where they are free to provide samples of their work, highlights, status updates, reviews from previous clients, and all their contact info. Creating a public page is a powerful tool that can serve as fertile ground to build your network and demonstrate your talent. 

All the Marketing You Need

The days of publishing ads in the newspaper and handing out flyers and business cards are over. While these methods are still relevant, especially if you want to target older generations, social media is still the way to go. Your public and Facebook page are worthless if they are not visible to potential clients. As explained on this site, without mastering the art of SEO to increase your page’s rank on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), you risk losing potential clients. Recent studies have shown that the majority of people don’t bother checking the second link on SERPs, let alone visiting the second page. SEO and other social media techniques are the thin lines between attracting potential clients and being outshined by millions of competitors.


Freelancers have the option to put the “social” in social media and take advantage of the different available platforms to socialize and connect with clients and customers. Social media gives your clients a chance to reach you, whether they have inquiries or want your help with something. With the heavy competition that keeps growing, freelancers can’t afford to wait for clients to reach out to them. Sometimes, you need to make yourself available and start reaching out to different businesses and brands. Once you have established yourself on social media platforms, you can afford to take matters into your own hands and initiate the exchange. Social media allows you to find out their latest updates and news; you can use this to approach them and shine a light on your talents instead of sitting and waiting.

You can also use this as a chance to join your community and reach out to different freelancers, you can answer other freelancers’ questions, or ask for advice. These interactions will help you to build a rapport with other freelancers and quickly expand your network. You never know who might hook you up with a client.

Build a Reputation

Word of mouth was once considered the most powerful tool to market your services. In our digital-driven world, reviews and customers’ feedback are considered the word of mouth you need. Building a strong online presence, and encouraging your clients and customers to leave feedback about your services or products will quickly build your reputation, attracting more clients. Showing potential clients that you have excelled in past orders, you are increasing your chances of them trusting you and your abilities.

In the past, there was a possibility of ignoring social media gravity. In today’s age, freelancers and small business owners can’t afford to avoid social media anymore. Freelancers who aspire to succeed in long-term endeavors must make themselves visible, available, and present to attract clients and establish themselves.

Photo credits: Pixabay