Getting Commercial Solar Panels: How To Make The Most Of Your Solar Array

For businesses looking to reduce energy costs and improve sustainability, installing commercial solar panels is the ultimate step. As the UK Government’s Solar Taskforce pushes to make the most of unused commercial roof space, many businesses are installing solar panels to help hit usage targets. 

Companies that install solar panels can also reduce their reliance on the National Grid, which will help them to lower their energy costs. As prices continue to rise, this is a key factor for many business owners. 

However, while solar panels can be a cost-effective renewable source of energy over the long term, they require regular maintenance and ongoing care to ensure they operate effectively. 

Solar panels have a typical lifespan of 25-30 years, but realizing their full economic potential requires diligent care and attention throughout their operational lifetime. Thankfully, it’s not all that difficult, so you can run your business and make the most of your solar array with little difficulty. These solutions are particularly useful for large buildings, such as commercial offices and co-working spaces, but they need careful management to ensure that you get the most from them. Here are some simple tips for busy company leaders who are eager to make the most of a new commercial solar panel installation. 

Use Cutting-Edge Solar Battery Storage

If you don’t have solar battery storage, then you’ll never be able to get the most out of your solar array. Battery storage allows you to save any unused power and make the most of it when the solar panels are less effective, such as at night. Also, in the case of a power cut from the grid, you can use your solar batteries for emergency power. So, if you haven’t already, explore ways to add solar battery storage to your commercial solar array. 

Get Professional Cleaning 

Cleaning your solar panels might sound like the easiest aspect of solar panel maintenance, but that’s not the case. Solar panels need to be kept clean to ensure optimal performance, so you need to make sure they’re cleaned regularly. Mess such as bird guano needs to be removed by experts who have the proper equipment, as bird droppings contain harmful bacteria and can spread diseases. Bird mess is also highly corrosive, so it can damage the surface of your solar panels if left on them for long. Hiring Integrum Services for bird dropping removal will ensure that your solar panels work effectively. 

Reduce Shade Where Possible 

Solar panels need the sun to create power; everyone knows that. What you might not realise is that even a small amount of shade from trees, buildings, or poles can dramatically reduce output. So, if your business is surrounded by trees and other foliage, then consider cutting it back regularly to keep the area above your solar panels clear and free from blockages. This small step could help to improve output from the panels and ensure they continue to give you the energy needed to power your business. 


A Quick Summary 

Ultimately, commercial solar panels are a vital solution for many businesses looking to take control of their energy supply, reduce company emissions and lower costs. With commercial systems representing major investments in sustainability and energy savings, dedicating resources to proper solar panel care pays dividends through increased energy production, financial returns, and environmental benefits over the system’s lifetime. Taking a proactive approach to operations and maintenance ensures that these valuable assets continue delivering renewable energy to their full potential. These tips should help you as a business owner to find ways to find quick but effective solutions to make the most of your commercial solar system.

Photo credits: Coworking London