Building a Website from the Ground Up: What You Need to Know

It seems that nearly everyone wishes to create a website. While some are interested in marketing a specific product or service to the public, others simply want to share information or connect with like-minded individuals. Regardless of your unique reasons, building a website from scratch can be quite challenging if you are unaware of how to begin. Let us break this topic down into two discrete sections that you will be provided with the insight required to make the appropriate choices in advance.



What’s in a Name: the Importance of Branding 

Any website begins with a domain name. This name essentially represents a digital billboard which intends to provide the visitor with basic information about what is contained within. So, it only stands to reason that a good deal of thought should go into the selection process so that you are able to convey the core essence of your page. There are also a handful of suggestions to keep in mind when brainstorming:

  • Try to keep the domain name relatively short.
  • Names that are easier to remember will naturally generate more business.
  • Avoid generic labels, as these may confuse the reader.
  • Add a location into the domain name if you are hoping to cater to a specific geographic audience.

These are the very same advertising rules which traditional businesses have followed for decades. The only real difference is that they have now been translated into the digital community. Success can begin or end with a catchy and memorable name, so be patient and keep an open mind. Assuming that you have decided upon a unique title for your page, it is next necessary to create the foundation and contents from the ground up. This is when the power of a professional website builder will come into play.


Basic Technical Steps to Take 

Anyone who has ever worked with domain name hosts such as WordPress is well aware that the concept of a “user-friendly” system can sometimes represent a bit of a misnomer. Fortunately, Shopify has put together a bespoke package that is specifically designed for those who are new to the industry. Not only is this system entirely centralised, but it is equipped with a range of dynamic tools that are necessary to manage your content on a 24/7 basis. Some of the primary functions which you can now enjoy include:

  • Numerous different payment gateways.
  • Real-time inventory management.
  • Superior levels of product organisation.
  • Built-in software to create promotional blogs.
  • Expedited order invoicing.

When all of these elements are brought together within a single package, success is sure to follow. It should also be mentioned that there are numerous pricing plans available; important for those who do not possess a significant amount of liquidity. Building a website is actually much easier than many people think. However, the entire process still comes down to the tools that are employed and the intention of the portal in question.