7 Unconventional Ways to Grow Your Business in 2020

In order to grow, every business requires proper conditions, attention, and care. If you’ve applied a number of tried and tested tips and still aren’t achieving any tangible results, it may be time to change the approach.

We’re offering a list of 7 less than conventional methods to help you grow your business in 2020. 

1. Create an Inspiring Mission Statement

Whether you are just starting a business or simply rethinking your goals, a mission statement is an effective way, to sum up, the company’s values, strategy, and objectives.

A mission statement demonstrates your organizational values to both the general public and your employees, shows what makes your business stand out from the crowd, and why it is going to be successful. 

Besides stating your purpose and values, your mission statement can also include other elements; for instance, it can convey your quantitative objectives, position within your market, and target customers. 

A well-written mission statement can be beneficial for your company in a number of different ways:

  • A mission statement guides the company forward
  • It helps focus your attention and energy 
  • It helps shape the company culture
  • It sends out a powerful message to the public
  • It drives action. 

2.Attend Digital Conferences

Research has shown that the success of a company depends on two important factors: 

  • About 12% is based on the experience and knowledge of the manager and employees;
  • More than 87% depends on the ability to relate to people, both externally and internally.

Obviously, networking is one of the essential tools for businesses to be able to evolve in today’s modern business world. Attending conferences is the best way to grow your businesses by connecting with potential and existing customers, influencers, as well as industry peers. 

But besides networking opportunities, digital conferences offer other benefits that will help you further advance your business:

  • Gain valuable knowledge and apply it to your business
  • Discover industry news and trends that are relevant to your sector
  • Find out what your competitors are doing and how to set yourself apart.

3. Learn How to Write Great Business Proposals 

Business proposals are typically used by companies to win new business and they’re created for a specific job opportunity. This means that your business proposal needs to be customized in accordance with the client’s specific needs in order to persuade the client to buy your products or services.  

Proposals can be really intimidating to create – you are asking someone to choose your company over your competitors’. Creating a business proposal requires that you articulate your understanding of the potential client’s problem and the reasons your company is a perfect choice. Very often, even the most efficient solutions can get rejected as a result of a poorly written proposal. Luckily, you can always use proposal software to make the process much faster and a lot easier!

4. Establish Yourself as an Expert

It might seem counterintuitive, but sometimes the best way to make sales is by not trying too hard to sell. Invest in long-term, quality relationships with potential clients by offering good value and asking for nothing in return. 

The best way to do this is by establishing yourself as an expert in your community and industry. Use your blog to educate your customers on how to best use your products, be actively engaged in relevant forums, blogs, and social media groups, participate in conversations where you can provide tips and insights, offer free workshops, run seminars, etc. But whatever you do, avoid promoting your products and services. 

This way, people will see you as a valuable and trusted resource and will keep coming back for more!

5. Write a Book

Building a business has most likely taught you many things, so why not share your knowledge? Have you thought of self-publishing a book in which you will share information about something your clients need? For instance, if you own a wedding dress store, write about anything concerning weddings: how to choose the best venue or flower arrangements, what are the most attractive wedding destinations around the world, etc. 

Your book probably won’t become a bestseller but it will certainly benefit your business. When potential clients see that you’ve written a book, they will see you as a credible authority on the subject you have covered.  

6. Host a Charity Event

What better PR than demonstrating that your company (and you, of course) is super-generous? Get in touch with a local charity and see how your business can help host an event to raise money for their benefit. This is a win-win situation: you’re growing your business while doing good for those in need! 

7. Try New Sales Channels

Nowadays, businesses need to be where their customers are and reach them through the channels they prefer to use. So, think about how you can apply the omnichannel mentality to grow your business. 

For, if you have a brick-and-mortar store, consider expanding your operations online as well. Online stores, on the other hand, can try the opposite approach and benefit from opening a physical store to showcase their products. This, of course, requires a substantial budget, but 

experts claim that establishing a brick-and-mortar location for your business is a cost-effective way to drive online leads and generate brand awareness. 

Entrepreneurship is all about thinking outside the box and taking risks. So, if want to grow your business successfully, you should get comfortable with stepping outside your comfort zone.

Photo credits: coworkinglondon.com