5 Aspects to Consider When Moving Offices

Moving to a new office can be a challenging endeavor, especially if you’re working within a tight time frame. Rushing to find a suitable office space can lead to unfavorable lease agreements, as landlords may take advantage of your urgency. That’s why it’s crucial to plan ahead and give yourself ample time to explore multiple options and negotiate the best deal. Below you’ll find how to better your move, whether international or local and make moving your office easier. Let’s get started.

Plan Ahead

While it may seem obvious, you may not be able to find a suitable office within a short time window. If your lease is going to end within two weeks and your potential landlord knows this, they may use this to their advantage and get you under a non-optimal lease.

Planning ahead will also allow you to negotiate with multiple offers for your to consider. If you wait until the last minute, you may end up having to make a choice out of desperation which you will later come to regret.


Speak with Your Employees

Before you move, it’s important to communicate with your employees to help you with the move. This will help your employees plan in advance so you are in the same tempo when it comes to doing the actual move. It’s important that they also understand the new building rules as well as change any address, phone or fax information that they are currently using. You can also ask your employees to take some of their belongings to make the actual moving process easier. 


Build a Team for Moving

While your employees may not be moving experts, they surely can help smooth along the moving process. By hiring a team lead to take care of all the moving tasks, you won’t need to worry about the small details while you can handle taking care of the bigger picture. Your team lead can recruit other employees to ensure the office is organized, packed and cleaned efficiently. If you just expect everyone to do their own thing, then the moving process is going to be a huge headache once everyone starts to move out.


Deep Clean Your Office

Your office is going to be dirty in places that haven’t been cleaned in months, or even years. You can ask your employees to clean their own areas, or you can hire a professional cleaning company to take over the cleaning process. While it may seem smart to save a few bucks on the move, a professional cleaning company will clean in places you didn’t think of, and remove any doubt from your landlord asking for payment for a dirty office that was returned. Instead of assigning your employees to cleaning, organizing, and packing, a professional moving company, like Muval, can take care of the burden while you let your employees make you more money.


Hire a Professional Moving Company

A professional moving company is going to take a huge load off your back. Some moving companies will even pack your belongings, so you won’t have to worry about anything during the process. Instead of assigning your employees to cleaning, organizing, and packing, a professional moving company can take care of the burden while you let your employees make you more money. You do however want to hire a professional company that has been well-reviewed to remove any doubt you have about the process.

If you are moving internationally, then it makes even more sense to go with a shipping company than worry about the move yourself. A company like Three Movers International Moving will help you understand the process and ensure you know each step of the process so your items arrive safely. You can also choose to keep your items in storage so if your lease is ending before your new lease begins, you won’t have any issue and can retrieve your items when needed. 



Firstly, plan ahead by giving yourself ample time to find a suitable office space and negotiate favorable lease terms. Rushing into decisions may lead to regrets, so explore multiple options and consider various offers.

Communication with your employees is crucial. Keep them well-informed about the new building rules and any necessary updates to their contact information. Encourage them to contribute by taking some of their belongings, which will simplify the moving process.

Don’t overlook the importance of deep cleaning your office. While employees can handle their individual areas, hiring a professional cleaning company is advisable to leave no doubt about the cleanliness of the returned space. Consider hiring a professional moving company to handle packing, transportation, and storage if needed. Choose a reputable company with positive reviews for a smooth and reliable moving process. For international moves, engaging a shipping company like Three Movers International Moving is recommended. Their expertise will guide you through each step and ensure the safe arrival of your belongings.

Photo credits: Coworking London