Workspace on demand: Adapting to the constant workplace market changes

There is no secret that the workplace market is going through a huge change, shifting its traditional standards to flexible solutions. According to John Williams, the Head of Marketing at Instant Group, businesses are looking for ways to gain more control. “They want to drive efficiency and they want to employ flexibility as a business strategy. They want to buy scalable solutions that work for their business, wherever and whenever they need them.” In other words, businesses’ changing needs is now shaping the workplace market more than ever before!

So, how is the market changing?
John Williams has been exploring the idea of workspace demand and how the workplace market is changing: Over the past few years, the popular trend of coworking and flexible leases has resulted in a huge growth of the provision of hybrid spaces. Not only are businesses facing an easier way of renting an office, landlords are able to act as both manager and curator of the space and develop a long-term brand value through engagement with occupiers.

Another changing factor is the ability to procure and operate workspace through online platforms. The demand for commercial real estate today is focusing on service oriented facilities that are reachable via the web. Williams writes that “the ability to quickly adapt to market changes and to secure short-term space in a new city at short notice is driving demand in the flexible workspace market.” And how to reach this active market? The answer is: through a well-functioning online platform.

To summarise, we can say that the increasing demand for flexibility and the rapid growth in hybrid space operators is indeed changing the workplace market for the better. Through online portals, flexible office providers are able to gain a better understanding of how they can adapt to the constant market changes and provide a better customer experience. As a result, the workplace market is absolutely changing for the better – it is developing a new and better relationship between work and the workplace.

Infographic credits: Instant Offices