Why Do People Thrive in Coworking Spaces?

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With the number of coworking spaces doubling in number every year worldwide, this shared office environments has definitely caught the attention of the real estate industry, converting traditional enclosed offices into open-plan workplace for freelancers, startups and growing companies. This is what is now become one of the most preferred environments to work from, bringing together entrepreneurs as well as employees of big corporations from different sectors of the industry, allowing them to share not just space, but also skills, expertise and contacts. So what makes coworking spaces so attractive to employees and employers and why do people thrive in these shared-office environments.


The main role of coworking spaces is to inspire and encourage collaboration between the community of startups and independent professionals. People are happy to offer their particular knowledge and skills to each other, instantly benefiting from the expertise of like-minded independent professionals. Collaboration is one of the top factors for employees to thrive with their work and daily tasks presenting them with great interaction opportunity for social or professional benefit.

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Offering flexibility in workspace and services is high on the advantage list of coworking spaces. The dynamic and sometimes uncertain nature of startup companies is related to often resizing of the team leading to sudden change in office needs. Providing flexible office terms and lease offers suitable solutions to young companies, providing them a cost effective solution on a monthly, even weekly basis. In addition to that, coworking spaces offer flexibility of work. With 24/7 access professionals can work on their project in their own time depending on individual deadlines.

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The community of the coworking space is an important factor for employees to enjoy their work environment. With a range of different in size and nature companies and entrepreneurs, it is a vibrant networking opportunity as soon as you cross the front door. Coworkers share that the diversity of professional knowledge and backgrounds, your own project seems more meaningful and important. The opportunity to describe what you do more often creates the notion that your work is really interesting and distinctive.