Top 3 Coworking Spaces in London

Lets face it – cowoking is not any more the new way of working. Emerging from its shadow of being a novelty, coworking has been embraced by freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, startups, even big corporations as the most efficient and stimulating relation between work and workspace. And London has been one of its biggest ambassadors so far with plenty of creative, inspiring and innovative coworking spaces popping around the corner to meet demand.

Join us on a little tour of what we think is the top 3 coworking space in London.


eOffice, Central London


Design-led, colourful, high quality and professional – some of the key ingredients making the eOffice coworking spaces stand out. The strategic location in Central London, eases the daily commute of their vibrant and diverse community of entrepreneurs, startups and growing companies. With plenty of meeting rooms and conference facilities offered on an hourly base you can easily book your next meeting in the heart of London and bet you and your clients will receive an outstanding customer care. Did we mention they are actually the pioneer in the coworking movement for Europe? Yes, they first opened door in London in 2002, to the first ever coworking space in Europe – leading the way of what emerged as one of the biggest trends in office space.


Huckletree london
Huckletree, Clerkenwell


Eco-friendly, creative and inspiring – Huckletree is based in Clerkenwell offering an encouraging office environment for entrepreneurs and freelancers from the

creative industries. The hub accommodates its community amongst greenery and plants, energy-saving equipment and furniture constructed from recycled materials. Committed to sustainability, the workspace provides a boosting environment for designers to rethink current technologies and disrupt the creative industry as we know it.


Rainmaking Loft, East London

Rainmaking Loft

Playful, fun and functional, Rainmaking Loft has its doors open to London early stage tech and digital startups and entrepreneurs. The vibrant space offers collaborative workspace environment as well as plenty of playful perks such as foosball tables or TV games, to relax and disconnect while at work. The loft concept of the space provides truly inspiring and trendy shared-office space offering opportunities to meet like-minder professionals and business founders.