London’s Thriving Startup Scene: A Guide for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

London is currently one of the most popular cities for entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. There are many reasons why these so-called “unicorn” businesses choose London as their primary headquarters. Some of these include access to an international marketplace, a close proximity to continental Europe and virtually unrivalled networking possibilities. However, becoming fully entrenched within this metropolitan area can be challenging. What are some practical strategies to employ so that little is left to chance? Let’s see what successful business leaders have to say. 

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Accommodation Concerns 

Those relocating to London from other areas may find the initial transition difficult. This does not only refer to logistics. We are instead referring to encountering accommodations that provide a proverbial home away from home. Most successful business owners therefore choose to take advantage of the flexible options associated with London serviced apartments. Cost-effective long-term booking solutions, a host of on-site amenities and rooms specifically designed for professionals are some of the options at your disposal. 


Networking in Advance 

Another powerful suggestion involves preparation before the actual arrival. Experts therefore recommend making powerful networking connections by taking advantage of the online community. Consider these portals: 

  • LinkedIn 
  • 110Am Networking 
  • E-Factor 
  • StartupNation 

Note that many of these also offer location-based communication services. It is therefore much easier to connect with like-minded individuals who are already familiar with the London business ecosystem. 


Brick-and-Mortar Concerns 

Even the most advanced hybrid organisations tend to still require brick-and-mortar premises. The issue here is that London properties can be notoriously expensive; particularly for those who wish to be located within the Central Business District (CBD). It is instead better to consider these cost-effective office spaces until firmer foundations are established: 

  • WeWork (Moorgate) 
  • Techspace (Shoreditch) 
  • Spaces (Oxford Street) 
  • Regus (Canary Wharf) 

These tend to offer more amenable contractual conditions. Their premises can also be allocated for both short- and long-term stays. 


Take Advantage of Social Media 

Any successful London business is well aware of the power attributed to social media. Not only is this yet another way to become acclimated to the professional community, but they provide a host of marketing opportunities. Facebook, Twitter (X) and Instagram are three common examples. In fact, many entrepreneurships that have not yet relocated to London will establish location-relevant social media pages well in advance of their intended arrival date. 

Finally, it is always a good idea to search for business seminars and similar networking events. These are powerful ways to appreciate what the city has in store and the chances are high that you will meet similar individuals who may be new to the metropolitan region. 

There is no doubt that London will continue to provide numerous business opportunities for those who wish to rise above the masses. Starting off in the right direction will provide you with a firm foundation for what they future may have in store.

Photo credits: Unsplash