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The Soho Collective

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We have the best space in the best area of the best city in the world. Can’t be bad, can it?

An architect designed space (no IKEA!) in the heart of Soho filled with mainly creative types. Lots of light, superfast internet, different ways of working – standing, sitting, lounging, desktop, laptop – and no foosball table!

Our USP is our friendliness. You won’t feel like you’re working in a school library but among friends who will talk to you, make you a tea, include you in occasional lunches and drinks after work.

Come and join the gang…


We are boutique so there's no space for meeting rooms. Besides, there are so many places to have meetings in Soho...

Yes, you do. You can work on a desktop on the second floor or on a laptop on the main floor as it gets used for events in the evenings and we need to be able to clear it.

Because we're in Soho, we are mainly creatives... journalists, designers, PRs, stylists but we have all sorts including recruitment, app builders. Everyone is welcome as long as they're our kind of people.

If you are a permanent member, we take a deposit and you get keys so you can work through the night and over the weekend should you be so crazy.

We pride ourselves on not being the coworking cliche so there is absolutely no foosball table, no ping-pong, no exposed brick, no beanbags, no crap everywhere. What there is is a bar, great views, friendly people and a Salad Club. And drinks pretty much every Friday.

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