CoWorking London in 2013

Welcome to our blog!

We’re aiming high in 2013, working together with the amazing team at Everplaces we have put together this Collection which we’re working with them on turning in to an iPhone App that should be live for free download on the App Store within just a few weeks – should be perfect for the coworker looking to find his/her new hotdesk on their iPhone when out and about on the streets of London.

We’ve set ourselves up some social networking profiles too, you can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter where we’ll not only be cross-posting entries from our directory of London coworking spaces, but trying to tie together ‘the scene’ with tidbits of news, updates on new centres and their services, pretty pictures and some stuff about the London start-up scene.

If you’ve got a space you’d like to see added / better represented on the site then please get in touch – throw some photos our way, let us know if you’d like an interview  with the team, or come to us with your questions and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Last of all, I want to wish you all a fantastic start to 2013 – happy coworking, London!