6 Ways to Beat Distractions and Stay Focused at Work

Coworking is a concept of working independently in a shared working environment. At the moment, this workstyle is increasing in popularity because it allows individuals to be a part of a professional community where you may share ideas and knowledge while expanding your professional and personal network. Coworking is also popular because it is cost efficient, as it allows mobility in lease and reduce common office overheads. In other words, it lets you focus on your business without worrying about everything else!

On one hand, people claim that such a productive and professional environment not only creates a good working routine, but also contributes to increased productivity among its users. On the other hand, as coworking spaces may involve a fair amount of noises and distractions, some people find it hard to focus in such spaces.

Therefore, we have made a list of a few actions that you can do to find and maintain your focus in the workplace:

Create your own working sound or space of music

First of all, a good tool to shut out noise is music. Choosing your own concentration music allows you to be alone in your own mind space, focus on your work, choose the sounds around you, taking away all those small irritating noises.

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 Planning and goals

Secondly, it is important to understand what distracts you and how you can deal with it. One way is to plan your days and set daily goals for yourself as this allows the brain to stay focused on one specific task. Now you just have to stick to it!


Move around

As most coworking spaces offer a flexibility regarding where to sit, you should take advantage of this and move to avoid losing your focus. Why not try a sofa or a standing desk to achieve some variety in your working routines?

Tidy up!

Tidy space, tidy mind. Some people claim that they can work wherever, no matter how messy it is, but I think we can agree that tidying up your desk or space removes potential distractions.

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Keep energized!

Without food or drinks, humans will not function. When you feel that the focus is slowly slipping away, drink some tea, coffee or water, or try to eat some fruit. It will keep you awake and give you energy throughout the day.


Time for a break

Even though it might sound strange, taking short, but frequent breaks actually allow the brain to focus better. Why not try it yourself? You may also try a few focusing apps which times your hours and let you know when to take a break.

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