Should We Be Sitting? Enhancing Wellbeing in the Workplace

Have you ever been tired of sitting for long hours? The answer to this question is most likely yes. Many might find it strange that a position where you are supposed to be relaxing is actually hurting your body, but the truth is that humans are not built to sit still and look at a screen day after day. In fact, sitting for too long over a long period may actually hurt your body.


According to a company called HumbleWorks, we sit for an average of 9.2 hours and sleep at an average of 7.7 hours per day, but the truth is that humans are not biologically designed to this type of life.

So, what happens when we sit too much? First of all, not using your legs can weaken them and increase the risk of injuries. Further, we know that sitting too much will affect our weight and can cause problems with our hips, back, and neck. In other words, sitting too much has undesirable outcomes that most people would like to avoid.


Because of this, experts are working to find a solution to this problem. HumbleWorks describes themselves as “an industrial design collective, who love to design and produce well-considered products that actually improve the wellbeing”. They create clean, elegant and portable products that enhance the physical wellbeing and can be used on an everyday basis in design practices, offices and homes.


In other words, the London-based company was born out of the need to improve wellbeing in the office and is now in the process of changing the way we work. Their design made products work in different ways: from reducing the impact of sitting, to using the laptop at a better angle, to reducing repetitive wrist strain injury.


Photo credits: Instagram @HumbleWorksLondon, HumbleWorks 

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